It takes a lot of work to run a tournament! Fortunately, we have a great staff who’s always here to help.  On this page, you’ll find the credit and contact information with the people who are responsible for bringing you this event.  Of course, if you need to contact us, you can always fill out this form, but if for any reason you need to contact anyone individually, this is the place to look!

Apex 2015 Staff

NAME Website Email Twitter Staff Role
Johnathan “Alex Strife” Lugo - Email @Apex_AlexStrife Chief Executive Officer, Sponsorship Manager, Qualifiers Manager
Cristin “Crismas” DeSaro - Email @crismaspresents Chief Executive Officer, Director of Operations
Mark “ChiboSempai” Korsak Website Email @clashtournaments Chief Technology Officer
Daniel “Chain-Ace” Logan Smashboards Email @flame6753 Event Data Analyst
Michael “Fullmetal” Buchheit Smashboards Email - Super Smash Melee Tournament Manager
Angel “ChaosMarth” Miranda AllisBrawl Email @ct_mikotomisaka Pokemon TCG/VGC Tournament Manager
Richard “Keitaro” King AllisBrawl Email @sktar
Kalle “Ori_bro” Wanagat AllisBrawl Email @KoolOriBro
D’Ron ‘D1″ Maingrette - Email @xD1x Chief Marketing Officer, Social Media Coordinator
Will “Reno” Hsiao - Email @RenoNY Public Relations Manager
Macklin Xu - Email @HeyLookASign Head of Vendor Relations
Michael “Nintendude” Brancato - Email -
Min An - Email - FGC Tournament Manager
Maria Carabana
- Email -
Robert Paul
- Email @tempusrob Photography
Paul-Anthony LaCen
- Email @Rykoshet Content Manager
McCain “MacD” LaVelle
- - - Financial Manager
Dakota Lasky
- Email @TheRapture_ Production Manager
Lump “Fats” Blake
- Email @xFats
Dul LeGrande
- Email @CROSSFIREsmash
Brett “JCeasar” Finneran
  Email @jcaesar007
Riddge ‘”Rj” Mussington
- Email -
Tim Dale
- Email @xZydin