“Nervous” Nick Cramer is ScrewAttack‘s Top 10-er, Video Game Vaulter, miscellaneous video producer, and hot sauce consumer. He’s been following the fighting game community for some time, but his first taste of participation was at Apex 2013. But don’t write this low-tier hero off yet; there’s a good reason he’s known as “The Destroyer” at the ScrewAttack HQ…and it may or may not be because he breaks everything he touches.

Ben Singer is the program director for and directs/co-stars for the hit show DEATH BATTLE! He considers Super Smash Bros his defining Nintendo game, and even entered a Melee tourney once… but failed miserably in the first round. He also plays a mean Talim! Because top tiers are for suckers!

OC Remix

Shariq “DarkeSword” Ansari.DarkeSword is a long-time member of the VGM remixing community. He’s been a remixer and staff member at OverClocked ReMix for nearly 10 years, and has directed a bunch of albums put out by the community, including last year’s mega-hype hit album “Apex 2013: Straight to the Top” and this year’s sure-to-be-classic “Apex 2014: A New Challenger!!” His favorite fighting games are Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and Samurai Shodown 4; he mains Makoto in Street Fighter and Kazama Kazuki in SS4.

Nabeel “Neblix” Ansari. Neblix is a composer, remixer, pianist, ocarinist, gamer, and martial artist. He has been heavily involved with OverClocked ReMix for the last 3 years, entering the several Mega Man and Street Fighter remix tournaments. Neblix is also studying classical music and piano, as well as a mix of computer science, electrical engineering, game design, and music industry; he plans to develop game audio and virtual instruments professionally. He appeared on OC ReMix albums such as “Apex 2013: Straight to the Top”, “For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man”, and “Apex 2014: A New Challenger!!” His favorite fighting game is Street Fighter III: Third Strike; he mains Yang, and also Gen in variations of Street Fighter IV.

Deia “DragonAvenger” Vengen. Deia has been a gamer for years, and a staff member of OverClocked ReMix for 4 years. Her main talents include being the bassist for OCR’s in-house band, _OverClocked University_ as well as being a vocalist on the side. She has helped co-direct many albums for OCR and also creates some of the merchandise sold at conventions. Her favorite fighting games are the Smash Bros series, where she enjoys button mashing and having fun.

Jarel “Arrow” Jones. Jarel Jones here, long-time contributor to before I made my way to OverClocked ReMix. I mostly hang out within the OCR community itself, chatting with fellow fans via IRC and the forums, picking up as much musical skill as I can through sheer osmosis, and joining competitions every so often. As of Apex 2013, I’ve also found myself attending more and more conventions and tournaments with the OCR crew, which has been a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and watch amazing matchups. As far as my favorite fighting games go, I’ve always been partial to Melee, and I’ve recently been dabbling in 3rd Strike here and there, but my true love will always be Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes. (not even joking).

Stevo “Level99″ Bortz. Level 99, aka Stevo, is a staff member and ReMixer at OverClocked ReMix. He’s produced large amounts of material and forms part of the core of OverClocked University, OC ReMix’s house band. He’s known for his recognizable but highly variable facial hair, and is a huge supporter of obscure and under-appreciated video game music. His favorite fighting games are Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, Shaq Fu, Killer Instinct, and Get On Top.